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Healing The Wounds

  This time of year is a very hard time for many of us in the LGBT Community, as well as for those who have lost a love one or are separated from their families, for some reason or another. I will be heading to Florida for the holidays, a 30 hour drive, since I … Continue reading

Wrong Body Or Mind?

  The whole transgender concept when delving into its deep roots and etiology,  points out to a human psyche issue, based on childhood traumas, neurological impairments and over all lack of self acceptance, stemming from religious upbringing or any environment that did not foster self worth and individuality.  It does not take a rocket scientist … Continue reading

Let The Sunshine In

For many people detransitioning seems to be harder than the original route of transitioning and I expected a lot more complications and mental distress than I have been going through. In fact, it has been smooth sailing on my part, the initial awkwardness with Lynna lasted a few days and we have since been great. … Continue reading

Stopping T Improves Health

  Two of the many side affects that I noticed with T, was an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, two of the most damaging results that can lead to stroke, heart attacks and death. Since stopping T, my usual pulse of 98-102, placing tremendous strain on my heart, has now dropped to 84 … Continue reading

Facing Truth

One of the things that frustrates me the most about this community is the lack of self awareness and ability to reason with truth. I can understand not liking the body you were giving, the gender you were pronounced at birth, but just because you don’t like it or want it, does not give you … Continue reading

The Masks We Create

  Remove the veil, remove the face, the usual narratives we all face, it is nothing more than a cry for help, creating a character that comes from hell, it has to be, when you look back and see the pain you have caused and all you took in the quest of your “happiness”. Get … Continue reading

Who Are We Kidding?

  Video after video, transition after transition, these extremely sad individuals who will stop at nothing to accomplish the fairy tale in their minds, are not for one minute stopping to see what it is that they are actually doing.  Who in their right mind, will destroy their genitals in the attempts to have another … Continue reading

Stop The Madness Please

  I spent a lot of time having to put out fires, explaining things to people and trying to express my core beliefs and views. First of all I want to say, I don’t want any harm to come to anyone in the trans community, nor do I want any rights taken away, and especially … Continue reading

The Mountain Climb

13 years of living in a body I created, a persona that was brought to life by me is now being demolished, thankfully due to self awareness and growth. My life the past 13 years has had a lot of ups and downs, good days and bad and overall quite the theatrical production. I have … Continue reading

After The Fast

Today is Sunday, and it has been 3 weeks since I have been off hormones. Everyone keeps warning me about all the problems I can face since I have no ovaries, having had a radical hysterectomy on Dec 2003. I find it hard to believe how people worry so much and are not confident in … Continue reading