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Striving On Water Preparing My Body For Raw Veganism

Well hello there my friends, today is day 3 of our water fast. Last night was rough, we overly exerted ourselves at the beach, lots of sun, and walking. So after my shower last night, I could barely move. I also felt constipated which gave me a pain on my right side and felt congested … Continue reading


We all lead lives in different ways and value different things at different stages in our lives. We tend to disagree, even battle with one another regarding our differences instead of celebrating the fact that no two people think or are alike. I wanted to emphasize the need for individuality in a world that has … Continue reading

Enjoying The South Florida Life

  As I reflect while enjoying a bowl of chopped fruit over raw oatmeal and nuts with Kefir and sprinkled cinnamon, I can’t help but chuckle on how invested people are to gender and stereotypical roles that they create.  I sip my delicious French Vanilla flavored coffee, the aroma is invigorating and ever capturing for … Continue reading

Change Of Plans

So I decided a few days ago that I was not going to write on this blog any longer and created another blog here on Word Press, but I feel that it’s important for those who have been following me to continue to read my progress and life events. I am sure there are many … Continue reading

Where It Goes Nobody Knows

Well I must say it has been an amazing learning experience and journey, one that I know will always have twists and turns.  This will be my last Maritza Returns blog, she has arrived, and the lessons have been learned. I have learn so many things during this phase of my life, and will continue … Continue reading