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Sensitive Boys…

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
That was me, my mom, abuela and cousin Jacqui out in front of Disneyland. I was a sensitive boy, my family reminded me of that fact all of the time.  I remember my uncle telling me when I was just 10, “Pauly, why do you cry so much?  Stop…

Help, Really?

  I often wonder if the hype we are seeing now regarding gender dysphoria could have been handle differently with a different outcome. Children are very vulnerable to their environment and reactions from those around them. In fact there are certain stages we go through in life during our exploration stages and if we are … Continue reading

Wrong Body Or Wrong Upbringing?

  It seems like it was just yesterday when our parents fell in love and had hopes and dreams of raising a family of their own, we were suppose to bring them joy, they to teach us right from wrong and help us grow up into healthy adults.  Something went wrong along the way, the … Continue reading

One Confused Kid

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
It’s a question that I learned about early on as I started to really explore the possibility of transition back in 2011: Question: What is the difference between a crossdresser and a transsexual? Answer: Two years. I am not foolish enough to think that a timeline for transition would…

Damaged Goods Or Hurt?

The most critical moments in our lives stems from childhood, a child is molded by their environment, upbringing, becoming stuck in certain critical stages in life that will forever stain the fabric of our life.  The first 5 years are so critical, but from the moment you are born, the connections we make in our … Continue reading

Questions That Have No Answer…

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
Here’s the scenario in most gender therapist’s offices around the world, it plays out like this: ? Therapist: “How can I help you?” Patient: “I was hoping that you could help me figure out what is wrong with me?” Therapist: “What do you feel is wrong, do you feel…

What’s The Accomplishment Really?

Harry Benjamin was a German-born, American endocrinologist and sexologist, widely known for his clinical work with transsexualism.  Many of his colleagues and other professionals disagree with the path and treatment the doctor chose  to treat his patients who reported discomfort with the sex they were born as.  The protocol he created pretty much spelled out … Continue reading

I Don’t Want To Go!

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
There are so many things that happened in my life when I was just five.  Why is it that I tie that one year of my life to so much?  I don’t really know why but I know that that year changed my young life in so many enduring…

The After Math

The transgender community has gained such momentum and loads of cheerleaders in the past year after the reveal of Caitlyn Jenner and the I am Jazz reality show series. The hoopla has created false perception and rallied up every gender switching hopefuls who now think this is the answer to all of their problems. The … Continue reading

Where To Begin? How Do You Open Up?

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
? This was me and two of my little ones back in the spring of 2004.   ? Hi, my name is Lynna, I am a recovering broken soul and here is my story.  I don’t want to share it in order to garner any sympathy from you but…