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Discover The Inner You

Hey there, long time no see, hear or write. Hope all of you are doing well. Ah yes, life has been great, challenging and filled with major lessons as usual. How about you? Is the political production driving you insane, I know I try to stay away from that theatrical event, since it usually leads to a dead end. Any way, I decided to update all of you on my crazy life. Lynna and I are doing great, have been doing much soul searching, research and just really taking a look at what is around us and in us. We came up with a few Hypothesis, that we wanted to share.

First of all, we came to the conclusion that gender is very complex, and that everyone has a little bit of both in them, some more than others, but we are all definitely in possession of both a yin and a yang.  Next, we feel that the medical community is definitely profiting from the confusion and a person’s own version of their reality, the alter ego, or false self if you will. , check out this video:

The excess amount of hormones in our environment has alter not only other species that share this planet with us, but guess who, yes homosapiens, that would be us. The ever changing DNA and Chromosomal travesty that has altered our thinking and way of life due to the endocrine disrupting chemicals that will not stop till it destroys itself, may be to blame.

We get emails and comments,  as well as observe the patterned behavior shared and showed by many in this gender fluid conundrum which leads us to believe that this alter ego takes center stage and over our lives. The story is dramatic, and it sounds very devastating at first, till you really break it down, and once we become aware, it’s too late. The host has been discarded and the new creation has taken center stage. If you watch the many theatrical production unfold, you will see they all follow the same pattern. Person discovers self, whom they have been hiding for years, now become obsessed with the “change”, then comes the birth of the list of things to do, tirelessly the false self creates a name for them self, takes over, destroys everything the host was, owned, loved and posses and starts the altering process. Surgery after surgery, the false self which we will call FS from now, is on a mission, that mission means it will kill the host, and start a new life. The FS is impulsive, selfish, bipolar in it’s action, never happy, always anxious and depressed, making the host believe that once the list is complete they will be happy. The host may be aware of the dangers they are encountering but the excitement and attention out ways the fear and any questioning they may have.

Time passes now FS has full control, is by now accomplished a lot of changes, but continues to show erratic behavior, unstable, anger spurts when questioned or confronted, they will try to destroy anyone that gets in their way. They are always in competition with the gender they are trying to emulate and are always in war mode, lacking self awareness and always seeking attention. They want to be models, actors, advocates and more, the transition is not enough, they came to the end of the transition, and it is still not enough, attention, they demand attention.  Does this sound familiar to anyone who knows or is trans?

I will attach a few of the comments Lynna made on her page, please note this is not meant to stir any arguments, to judge or hurt anyone, this is a realization that I believe will help free many as noted by a comment made on our last show by one of our viewers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.38.47 PM


Lynnas Comments:


Here is a video we found interesting that touches on how endocrine disrupting chemicals have altered our reality and given the birth to the FS.


We would appreciate feedback and truthful accounts from those that have experienced this in their life and are willing to come clean with themselves and others.  We hope to educate and show the world that there is nothing wrong with our bodies, we are just a byproduct of our environment and what we need is compassion and understanding and for people to be allowed to express and live freely without drug intervention and dangerous surgeries.

Till next time



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