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What’s The Accomplishment Really?


Harry Benjamin was a German-born, American endocrinologist and sexologist, widely known for his clinical work with transsexualism.  Many of his colleagues and other professionals disagree with the path and treatment the doctor chose  to treat his patients who reported discomfort with the sex they were born as.  The protocol he created pretty much spelled out the logic that if you can’t change their brains, then might as well change their bodies. What logic does that hold? In my humble opinion, none.





We are seeing droves of people being prescribed cross sex hormones and being sent for surgeries which they feel will align them in some form or fashion. Well I can tell you from what I have seen, and I have seen many in this community under take such practices that lead them to no where, it’s nothing more than escapism and irresponsible behavior, now fueled by a medical community that is out to make a profit. But even Harry had guidelines and some kind of criteria, if the patient was not fit for such undertaking, then the answer would be no. There are people who are too old, have a family, and are dealing with deep mental distress that is not caused by their dysphoria but by other means. People whom even after transition continue to be suicidal, dysphoric, bi-polar, continue to show anxiety, personality disorders and a deep depression that was made worse by hormones. People who now still can cope with life, lose their jobs and whatever support they had are now being faced with greater challenges they never knew possible.


My question is if you feel you were born wrong, you dislike the sex you were given at birth, what exactly do you think you can accomplish by altering your body? You can try to escape your reality for a little while, you will get some support from those like you, from some individuals who are trying to be kind and PC, however, most in the world will look at you as if you were an alien from a distant planet, most will get stares, ridiculed, harassed, and even murdered. Your feelings will get hurt, you will find yourself alone, jobless, having lost everything you thought you knew, life now is not at all what you thought it would be. While you were in the process of living your dream, you forget important details that went along with this new found self. These important details cannot be ignored, you abandoned children, a wife, loss your career, friends, and may possibly end up homeless and with a great probability of dying alone. Children, even teens make poor decisions in life, they do not think of the ramifications that their actions will bring all to fulfill their instant need, the now, the gratification, smoking a joint brings at the moment, the high they will feel by popping the latest recreational drug, or having various sex partners without thinking of the disease that they will contract after the fact. How can these adults go as far as not thinking things through? I know I didn’t, I just acted on the high, on the joy of thinking how wonderful life will be, forgetting all the small details that came with it. Thankfully, I took no hostage, since I had no family, just a girl friend at the time who was bisexual, who later became my legal wife, but she didn’t care what vehicle she rode on, but that is not the case for everyone. Not everyone will be happy to be forced to change their sexuality, or be in a relationship with a person who all of a sudden decided to switch genders.


The real issue here is not your body, or how wrong you think it is, the real issue here is lack of self love and acceptance for who you are. The real issue here is lack of wanting to continue the life you had for whatever reason, because now that the medical community has attempted to make a non reality into one, the droves of gender switch hopefuls are lining up to do the switch. It has been made as something normal when in reality it is not. Many claim to hate who they were born as, so you think that by changing the gender, you are going to like yourself more? Yeah, you will have moments of fun, trying on all your new clothes, wearing your wigs, and chit chatting on line with others like you, comparing your new breast size, and showing of your garments, but does that really solve anything? Are you really the sex you so want to be, or are you just a mere knock off, a fake, that needs all the accessories to feel that you are legit. A woman is a woman, without clothes, without make up, with out all the surgeries and procedures, they just are. What you are is a hurt soul, who thinks life gave you the rotten end of the stick, but in reality until you make peace with who you are, nothing you do will ever bring you peace.


I know many feel that it’s do or die, that life is not worth living if they can’t be who they truly are, but lets break this down shall we. Your life is worth living as you are, I am not saying you can’t live the existence that you feel you are entitled to, but realize the responsibilities you have, not only to those you brought into this world, but to yourself. You owe yourself a better life, if transitioning would grant you that, then I say go at it, but if you are true to yourself, after all is said and done, what did you accomplish? You lost it all, only have your pride, and I understand, you don’t want to give that up, you worked to hard to get where you are, but where are you really? Would you recommend this life to anyone? Would you really rally behind a flag and promote this to our younger generation, or would you ask them the hard questions, would you try to educate their parents and have them slow down, there is no rush to get to the other side. There is too much to lose, and not much to gain, the reality of being transgender in one word is disaster.


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