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Wrong Body Or Wrong Upbringing?



It seems like it was just yesterday when our parents fell in love and had hopes and dreams of raising a family of their own, we were suppose to bring them joy, they to teach us right from wrong and help us grow up into healthy adults.  Something went wrong along the way, the programming they received from their parents, and the parents before them brought into our existence the golden rule of how a boy or a girl is meant to act, feel, express and play. Unbeknownst to them, we had other plans of being free to be.  But as fait would have it, our parents shameful interpretation of our expression, would not allow us to be, and hence began the problems in our life. The so called born in the wrong body was nothing more than our inability to feel comfortable expressing our true essence. Childhood development is crucial for healthy adulthood, if you trace back the years in trans individuals and most int the lgbt community, you will see the trail of hindered behavior, abuse, sexual and verbal, as well as a development of low self esteem.


There are boys that like to play with dolls, wear”girl” clothes, and be sensitive in their every way. As there are girls, who rather not wear a shirt, climb trees, and beat up on their boy cousins, as I did. But to be quickly told how wrong we are for being, and to quickly change. If I had a dime for every time my mother, aunts, and family members corrected my walking, talking and expression, I would be able to afford a house in Beverly Hills. If those of you in the LGBT community would reflect and look back on all the ridicule and the self corrections that were bestowed upon you, you would understand all of your poor coping mechanism and the reason you are fond of your addictions and emotional breakdowns.

Gender dysphoria although is not known as a mental illness, it is a byproduct of all other mental disruptions, those in the trans umbrella face. The dislike of the gender you were given, is not the mental issue, because in and of itself is just a side effect of your escapism, inability to cope, anxiety, depression, bi polar nature, personality disorders, lack of ability to socialize, and the impulsivity most of you demonstrate.  Most are shy, unable to interact with people as themselves, but once they transition they become a social butterfly, why is that? Well the answer is disassociation of self makes it easy to deal with your outer environment. The false self takes over, and now Tom became Athena and is able to relive their childhood memories without a big bad adult telling them what to do.


If you see most trans individual who transition to the gender roles and expressions they were not allowed to express during childhood, most are stuck in childhood behaviors, unable to really play the part of the gender they claim to switch to, and basically it is all pretend and play.  Most spend most of their time in front of a mirror, taking pictures with barely any clothes on, or showing of some new attire, making the funniest faces imaginable, are unable to deal with the situations that the gender they transition to is expected to perform. I literally wanted to piss my pants when I watched a video of a trans man where they explained the stress they went through when dealing with the plumber. They questioned if they wearing the right clothes, could not answer any questions that the plumber had, and was in complete stress. What real guy would do that? Like this situation I see many trans women who claim womanhood, yet there is not an ounce of female in them, except the dress up and trying to be sexy of coarse.

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A word of advise for parents with gender variant kids, let them express, please don’t fall for the trans influence that are going to hurt your kids and poison their minds with gender, which is just a social construct, gender roles need to be brought down and people allowed to express as they wish without taking on a gender that does not belong to them.  I know many won’t like what I am saying here, but if you are being truthful to self, you will see exactly what I am saying here.

I found this video remarkably inspiring and hope more parents can allow their children to play and integrate their natural and healthy gender expression without the need to change their sexed reality.


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