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The Real Science


Okay, I am about to go on my soap box now regarding the reception of WPATH and Dan Karasic’s views on the latest Survey conducted by a detransitioner named Cari who managed to get the participation of 203 women who were honest and brave enough to participate and said survey. I for one feel disappointed in the lack of help WPATH is providing to those of us, who feel transition was not at all what we bargained for. I also feel that WPATH along with all of the “professionals” who are leading the pack have no clue in what they are doing, I have said it once and I will say it again, it’s the blind leading the blind.

There are no real scientific findings, objective testing or true protocol for this phenomenon we call Gender Dysphoria. It is all based on feelings and lack of ability to navigate life in the gender we are born as. Let me put it this way, if people were being really honest with themselves, most lead a normal life till this gateway opened. Most fathered children, were “normal” members of society, had jobs and a life, till this plague hit the world like a tsunami hits after a hurricane.  I am going to give the benefit of the doubt that there are people who are in distress because they are not happy with the body God gave them, but the solution is failing to be the answer for many, more than people care to know. The facts are that most people after they do what they do will not admit that it was probably not the best decision they made. But since there are no other treatment or choices offered, this plan or coarse of action is what is being pushed and pursued.

I like for people to really take a close look at gender dysphoria. What really is it? Is it a virus. bacteria, a cell gone rogue, what medically sound proof do we have that this even exist, except for people saying they were born wrong? There are no tests, nothing to relate it to, no real research with real answers, just a bunch of mad scientists and big pharma wanting to make a buck. So how has this thing taken such center stage and gained such momentum? Me thinks there is an agenda and lots of possibilities that has created an interest beyond measure.  You would not starve an anorexic, nor would you hand a flying cape to a schizophrenic who thinks they are Superman, so why are we allowing people who are in pain and making wrong decisions to alter their genitals and lead a life with dangerous meds in their bodies and damaging their endocrine systems?

Here is the link to the Survey :


Here is the link to 4thWavenow’s article regarding WPATH and Dan’s views on the topic:

Top gender doc dismisses 203 detransitioned women as “not regretters per se”

I am done with sitting back and watching this train wreck continue to unfold. I believe something needs to be done here and done fast. I will at least provide information and ask the hard questions.


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