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Battling The System: Gender Dysphoria?


How is it that there is no set protocol for those who decide to return to their true and original gender. Why is it that the push for transition is trying to drown the voices of sanity and detransitioners? It seems those of us who have realized that transitioning is not at all the answer to what ails us, yet we are being pushed by the many new recruited and tall force of gender specialist, who not too long ago, knew nothing of this new found condition. They had to be educated by those of us who lead the way, and through our subjective feelings, told them what they had to do. Now, they have made this gospel, and there is only one authority of gender, and that is God.

I say it will take droves of us to gather and speak out loud, money talks BS walks, we need to get ourselves an attorney, flood the media and speak up and showcase the truth behind the lies. We need to get the best type of reinforcement ever, and although I know not everyone is a believer of Christ,  yet, Jesus is the one that will help turn this around.  I am but a baby Christian and have much to learn, but this I do know, it was Jesus that got me to see the error of my ways, it was him who helped me change, as well as Paul, without him all of this would not be possible, so the glory goes to him, its’ always him.



We have joined several detransition groups, and it is a shame that we have to be made feel like we are in the wrong, in fact, we are in the right. I have never felt more right than I do now. I hear stories of how difficult it is to change your documentation back, something that was changed based on hear say, no authority, at least no one ask God if this was right to do, when in fact it is so wrong. Wrong on all accounts, changing history, changing the blue print the God created in each and everyone of us, as well as spitting on our parents face and telling them that what they experienced for the years we have lived, was a lie. Well no, the lie is transition, the lies are based on a system that has created and pushed this disorder, to the point that many are buying the ice being sold in Alaska.  All of this gender dysphoria ruckus has no back bone, no real science, nothing concrete to sink ones teeth into, it is all based on hearsay, no science, no testing, nada. So how can or should I say how did this gain the traction that it has? Money has pushed it, the corrupt LGBT Lobbyist, the Satanic bunch, who want to destroy humanity, the family and the moral fabric of our world.


The time to stand up is now, to say no, no we are not taking this anymore, God is the authority here, not man, not the medical system, not the lying gender specialists who don’t and can’t even give us real answers. I pray that humanity opens up their eyes and see this deceit for what it is.


How I Feel Today:  

I have been dealing with a nagging shoulder pain due to structural imbalances and ligaments that are much weaker than the muscles I have built on my frame. Many women who undergo testosterone therapy do not realize the dangers of being on T. Female bodies are not meant to have high doses of T, as well as men are not meant to be on high doses of Estrogen, that is just how it is.  The countless stories I have seen of trans men being injured, bones fracturing for no reason, ligaments tearing and so on is alarming. So needless to say, I am trying to heal my left shoulder which has sustained a rotator cuff injury that is affecting my neck as well. I have been icing it, stretching, and Paul has prayed over it. These types of injuries take time and can be very painful, affecting sleep and over all well being. But as I always say, this too shall pass, thank God I have a very high pain tolerance.

The battle with the body and facial hair continues. I was a bit surprised of a report I heard from a former FTM who had stopped T 6 years ago and still deals with hair growth. See this is why I believe this whole transition, hormone administering thing is so dangerous and irresponsible on the part of the medical community. I was not counseled, or even the attempt to be talked out of doing this. I did not have to live one year in the gender I was transitioning to, and there were no voices alarming of the dangers, hence, why I believe it is so important that other voices need to be heard, not just the transitioning squad.




I can’t wait for the day that I won’t have to shave my face and body again. I find the ignorance regarding this condition is beyond belief, how can people fall for such lies and base decision on subjective feeling by people who are broken and hurting?

I know that my quest for transition, was a quest to kill the self I disliked and did not love, because she was not loved for being different. We tend to want to destroy ourselves and when the devil gets a whim of this, he takes control and helps us destroy ourselves even further. But God….. God heard my plead, God had mercy on my soul, and now I am thankful to be on the path of recovery and healing. Praise Jesus, yes Praise him, I give the glory to God, always and forever.

I am sorry if many of you are having a hard time dealing with my beliefs, but if you could only understand, how far from being religious I use to be, it would make you wonder how can an almost atheist person turn to Jesus? Its called a miracle, yes a real life miracle, I was touched by him and will forever glorify him.


The life we are taught to live is based on materialistic needs, competition, self hate (the devil loves that) and self destruction, the seed of God has not been planted, and that is done for a reason, because the devil is running the show for now, and the devil is the one that uses materialism to gain your affection, he creates this world we are seeing, where the norm is abnormal, and the abnormal is the norm. If I may give advise, listen to your heart, not your head, you heart is where Jesus lives, the head belongs to the dark side.

Anyways, I am feeling great, in spite of being hormone free, a painful shoulder, and having to deal with battle wounds from 13 years of testosterone application that has stolen my beauty, but it has not stolen my heart. With my heart I will rebuild. In perspective, I love myself now more than ever, I am true, I am real, no more secrets to hide, I am free… And I love God, who loves me.


Till Next Time


Maritza Lopez



About Mark Angelo Cummings

Maritza/Mark is walking the path of healing, she/he is a broadcaster, musician, writer, and educator. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Master Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist, she/he has taken wellness one step further. Check out our website http://www.gypsybluenomads.com/ Follow our journey: The Travels of 2 Truth Seeker and Their Car. Check out our live Programing Tues & Thurs @ 6 PM MT on RealTalk With The Cummings https://www.youtube.com/c/GypsyBlueNomads


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