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Expression And Damnation

  I have been full on Christianity 101 for the past 2 months or so, I have managed to alienate my sister, who by the way is hurt but forgave me and still loves me, and what I have learned has helped me see things differently in life today.  Paul and I are all about … Continue reading


We took a few days away from social media, did not have a show this week and decided to take some time to reflect on our life and changes, after all, it has been one heck of a ride since the day Paul entered my life on that cold winter day, in El Paso Texas, … Continue reading

A Detransitioning Woman

I have been in this de-transitioning process since last year to be exact, many people have chastised me and said: “you will be back”, attempting to shame me, by making me seem confused and as if I was wrong, and in the wrong for waking up from the lie I lived for 13 years. Well, … Continue reading

Love Is To Follow His Laws

Many people throw the word love around as if it’s a slogan for the next athletic footwear. To love is to be lawful, obedient, take responsibility and follow through with our expectations as children of God. When we love and follow God’s commandments and listen to his needs, we are in the perfect state of love. … Continue reading

He Heals

    I don’t think people are really aware of what is happening in my life, really, I Maritza Lopez have been a destructive force in my own life, for years, I never knew there was a way to heal or to be set free on the path of righteousness.  Many of you know my … Continue reading

Gender Confusion Lies: The Trans Agenda

  You know that saying money talks bullshit walks, comes to mind when we observe the spreading rage of this immoral, unethical, and corrupt movement that has taken place since Bruce Jenner’s Autogynephilic reveal.  The boasting of bravery, pride, and elicit feeling from the general public of pity and forced PC behavior,  as well as being faced … Continue reading

Our Purpose, His Plan

There are people that believe we are a random act of molecules and atoms colliding together, stemming from one giant explosion which leads us to evolve from fish to the advanced ape species we think we are. Yet, when really thinking about it, there is nothing random and coincidental about us. The way things in … Continue reading

Quench Your Thirst

  There are times that we are thirsty and hungry, yet never seem to get either quenched. Have we wondered why we go from relationships to relationships, from dead-end jobs to a spree of materialistic hoarding, yet never seem to find what we are searching for? Well, here is my belief, if you find yourself … Continue reading

Tough Love

Let us get to the root of this conversation and explanation of why my heart is on fire for God. I have never been an atheist per say but was pretty turned off by religion and much of what I felt back then as bigotry and hate.  Many people look at me now and see … Continue reading