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How Many Times Do I Need To Be Kicked Again?


Christianity What A Mistake I Made

  I have made some really stupid decisions in my life, I have said some really dumb things in the past, and as a human that I am, I have made some stupid mistakes. I believe one of my dumbest moments was claiming Christianity and following the dogma I have always hated. Sometimes love makes … Continue reading

Clarifications And My Reality

  So I wanted to take this time to explain the events that have taken place in the past 2 years of my life. Many of you have known me for quite a while, I have been a trans advocate since 2004 and have done many great things for this community. I was married to … Continue reading

Neurological Impairment or Identity?

For a very long time now I have been observing the many behaviors demonstrated in the trans community that lead me to do intense research.  I have come to the conclusion that gender dysphoria is based on a neurological impairment with many of the candidates being part of the Autistic Syndrome.  The lack of information … Continue reading

Holiday Eating

  It’s that time of year, where our credit cards get maxed as do our bellies.  Year after year, like ground hog day, we repeat the same mistakes with no avail or change. Is this going to be the year that you break free? Well here is a bit of advice from someone who has … Continue reading

Breaking It Down

I have an eminent desire to understand gender dysphoria and why people go to the extreme they do, in order to alter their bodies and live out a need they have, and express it as life or death.   I have known a lot of people with disabilities working as an Occupational Therapist, people who … Continue reading

Why I Battle The Trans Community?

I have been around trans women, and trans men since 2004, many live interactions, as well as online communication. I have dated, had close friends  who are trans and I have even gone across the continent to meet one. As much as many in this community feel that their situation is different and that I … Continue reading

Open Up And Share

As a child, I was totally an introvert, did not allow anyone in my head, heart or space for that matter. I knew from a very young age that I was different, and could not relate to anyone, not even my own parents. I often felt I came from another planet and was planted here … Continue reading

The Jungle

Our minds can be the most destructive part of our body, it can make you believe all sorts of things to the point of our own destruction.  The feelings of not being enough, the words we hear during childhood, and the overbearing parents that follow belief systems that can literally drown out your own person … Continue reading

Certifiable Or Growing Pains?

  By now most of you probably think that I should be locked up and given a round of happy pills, well I don’t blame you, at times I have thought the same myself.  I have attempted to detransition (all for the wrong reasons), claimed Christianity as my religion, alienated many of my friends and … Continue reading