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How Many Times Do I Need To Be Kicked Again?

Lynna's Life

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-1-49-36-pm This was a part of my coming out FB post back on February 14, 2014.

My transgender journey has been rough from the start, perhaps this is why I waited until I was 43 to fully come out?  Looking back, I am sure that this is exactly why I chose to hide my truth for so long.  It would cost me so much to be so honest with myself, so I chose to hold out living a lie for as long as I could tolerate.  I knew, though, around this time in 2011, that life for me was about to change in many, many ways, but I had no earthly idea that it was going to be such an overwhelmingly exhausting road to travel down.

The challenges have almost been insurmountable from the very start.  I had made a promise to myself that I was not going to live in…

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About Mark Angelo Cummings

Mark Angelo Cummings is a spiritual soul and a follower of "The Christ Consciousness", a broadcaster, musician, writer, and educator. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Master Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist, he has taken wellness one step further. Check out our website http://www.gypsybluenomads.com/ Follow our journey: The Travels of 2-Two Spirited Nomads and Their Car


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