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New Year: New You

It is believed that our bodies change every 7 years, our cells renew themselves, well in a typically healthy human who takes care of their body, mind, and spirit in most cases, that is.  Every year should be another year to improve oneself and evolve while learning from our mistakes and challenges.  We should thrive to … Continue reading

Incomplete: So You Say

I want to point out that I know I have said some terrible things about individuals in the LGBT community in the past, especially the T. At first, my intent was never to hurt anyone, it was only after I was attacked for speaking my mind about certain things, that I was passionate about, then … Continue reading

Two Years & Never To Be The Same

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
? December 30, 2014,  will always be one of the most pivotal days of my life because it was that that my existence on this planet forever changed.  About now, as I write this, it would have been around 10:32 am in the morning and I would have been in…

Evolve And Grow

The days turn into nights, the minutes into hours, but one thing for sure is that I have been a truth seeker and have searched for answers every waking hour and during my night travels since my youth. Making me a truth seeker, I thirst for answers and never stagnate in my views and beliefs … Continue reading

Two Days Until Christmas (Christmas Eve’s Eve)

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
? Well it’s almost Christmas, actually, tomorrow is Christmas Eve (that would make tonight Christmas Eve’s Eve)!  It’s funny how time has flown by this year.  It seems like only yesterday that Mark and I were back in Silver City, making plans to sell a bunch of our winter…

Segregation: A Humans Tool

    So let’s see how I can put this into words that will not be offensive to anyone, it seems Lynna and I always tend to piss people off, offend or hurt someone, every time we speak our minds. People are not able to express their views, mind you, ours tend to be ever … Continue reading

Aging, Nooooooo!!!!!!

One of the inevitable events that we humans face and fear is aging. We try to do everything possible, from cosmetic surgery, to engaging in activities that remind us and keep us young. The heart beats billions of times during the course of our lifetime, our brain cells are consumed and destroyed with every passing year, … Continue reading

Some Good Things…

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
You know, when I find myself blogging, I always seem to focus on the negative aspects of what has happened in my life in the last few years.  I want to really stop doing that, it is part of my old nature to continue to live in that kind…

What Really Matters

While we all scramble, rush, stress and worry about the things we really have no control over, the illusion is that we do, the planet is speaking and we are not listening. This year we had to endure the inevitable political circus that takes place every four years as if anything will ever change based … Continue reading

Life Continued But Eventually Had To Change…

Originally posted on Lynna's Life:
? ? By 1997, my career was really beginning to pick up and opportunities for work were opening up everywhere.  We decided that when we did get married that she would not have to work anymore because my income would be enough for the two of us.  In the…