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Segregation: A Humans Tool



Dinner and A Show


So let’s see how I can put this into words that will not be offensive to anyone, it seems Lynna and I always tend to piss people off, offend or hurt someone, every time we speak our minds. People are not able to express their views, mind you, ours tend to be ever changing, as it should be, the only constant in life is change, and to grow and evolve is to change.

I have lived my life expressing both a male and female gender expression which I believe are just a form of energy and personality traits that we all encase, some more than others, but we all have this in us.  I can relate to both men and women alike, and feel both their pain, concerns and share their problematic interaction amongst each other. I know that humans believe that gender or should I say sex, is solely based on biology,  that XX=Female, and XY=Male, and there is some truth to this, but there are other factors that also play in the careful orchestration of what makes up a man and a woman.

Do I believe we need to take gender/sex so seriously? No, I don’t, not really. People should be seen for who they are, not for what is between their legs, however, sex segregation is real and has been since the beginning of time. It is being used now and has been used then to divide and to create superiority or lack thereof. I believe pain has created the division we see amongst us today. Lack of comprehension on the part of those who believe one sex is superior to another, and feel left out because they were born in the “wrong body”, and they truly feel this way so I will not judge them for thinking that, I thought that at one point too.  However,  for people to want to totally flip their world upside down to change their gender, one has to wonder the travesty in one’s reality to engage in such behavior.

What I do know is that my world changed dramatically when I decided to change my gender marker and role in life, from being a woman to now presenting as a male. I know I am seen differently, respected more by society and overall, I have gained power.  I have also been placed in a place where if anyone would find out, I am trans or born a female, my life could be placed in danger. I am seen as an abomination by the religious zealots, I am looked down upon by most feminists and some lesbians, I am also looked down upon by the trans community because of my views. My views are different, they have changed throughout the years, and I have been very vocal about them, especially since being with my trans wife Lynna.


People are not allowed to express their views without being mocked, criticized, or confronted, especially if your views are different from the status quo. I was removed from Lynn Conway’s website as a successful transman when I de-transitioned the first time and spoke against the trans community, I was even told that I was never trans, got to love the sentiments from those who struggle themselves and are really not well informed of their own condition. I say this because in reality, this whole gender confusion, wrong body scenario is so poorly understood and treated, that twenty years from now the lawsuits are going to be off the charts, between the prescription drugs handed out like candy that are now showing how dangerous they are, such as Spiro and Finasteride (Proscar), and all of the fatalities involved, the once trans-train craze, will be carefully pro warned, proceed with caution.

I say humans have a condition called I am scared shitless and don’t know what to do, here fix me. Until we stop wanting and start living, we will continue to place ourselves in danger and exposed to the latest fix. Until we start taking responsibility for our own actions and stop wanted to be saved by some unknown deity, we will continue to expose ourselves to the many crazies out there who want to save you and the world. Divide and conquer that is the motto, and guess what, it has worked.


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4 thoughts on “Segregation: A Humans Tool

  1. posts like this give me hope. i could take some time to try to explain that, but i bet if you read entry you just posted (but by someone else instead) it would give you a little hope, too. probably for similar reasons. best.


    Posted by codeinfig | December 19, 2016, 3:14 am
  2. probably more than i will here. everytime i see a “community” based either on “diversity” or being “all-welcoming” or even regarding sub-culture/counter-culture, i tend to experience it as working exactly like the rest of the world– very top-down, going out of its way to protect image/”brand” over its own values, and basically having a “billboard” version of itself and a “real life” version that just doesnt match.

    ive spent my life looking for a community that doesnt exist– its almost like once something calls itself a community, it instantly becomes something else instead. ive always found this troubling– the closest thing ive ever felt to a real community is meeting other people who have had experiences with community i can relate to.

    i also recently had yet another negative experience with the trans community, got close (or at least felt close for a day) to dating a trans woman, and my experience with the trans community (although i feel a strong kinship with them in theory, as ive never related very strongly to any gender– ive always been a guy because– whatever, i guess.)

    it makes me sad because i probably take it too literally– i mean “trans” seems to mean “transitioning” these days, or always did. i like the idea of “trans” like “transcendental” or “beyond” current or conventional limitations. i like the idea that theres more to humanity than just fitting into neat little lines.

    and yet every time i come across a group of people (by no means is this limited to the trans community– include philosophers, geeks, misfits, libertarians, hippies, anarchists, anyone) that pride themselves on not conforming, it seems very easy to never fit unless you do actually “conform” to some arbitrary thing somehow. i guess what im looking for is something “transcultural.” i shouldnt be surprised if no ones ready for that. but dont get me wrong– this isnt based on my misunderstanding the word “transgender.” this is just something ive noticed about groups my whole life– this month in particular ive met several people who were shunned, made unwelcome, or just disappointed with the trans community. i dont have anything against them i cant say about any other group that is too much of a refuge to welcome anyone i know with open arms– but thats humanity for you.


    Posted by codeinfig | December 20, 2016, 3:26 am

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