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Incomplete: So You Say


I want to point out that I know I have said some terrible things about individuals in the LGBT community in the past, especially the T. At first, my intent was never to hurt anyone, it was only after I was attacked for speaking my mind about certain things, that I was passionate about, then things turned sour. I do however still believe certain things, and should be entitled to my views and opinion. Early on in my transition after I went through the puberty stage and all the stages that most trans experience when we first transition, I realized that no matter what I did, I could never really change my biological sex. After I came to terms with this, I finally found peace. I since have made it my quest to help people let go of their predisposed ideas that they can be something other than who they are. I am not trying to be mean or argumentative here, just trying to prevent future suffering and keep things real.


Most people undergo dangerous surgeries to accomplish set perceptions of themselves and risk their health to prove to others that they are the sex they say they are. Genitals are not fabricated in a laboratory, nor are they created in an operating table. I am sorry but when I looked into SRS and saw what they considered a phallus, I quickly gave up on the idea of ever pursuing such a thing. I understand some people get it in their head that they must possess the genitals of the gender they identify as, they are entitled to do with their bodies what they wish, however, to remotely think that by adding a piece of your arm, back, leg or whatever they use these days and call it a penis, or on the other end of the spectrum, to create an opening and call it a vagina is really being disrespectful to those who are born with these set genitals.  A woman is no more of a woman because she has a vagina, and a man is no more of a man because he has a penis. In fact, how trivial are we, to think that genitals make a man or a woman.


We know that each sex has a reproductive function to perform with their genitals, women carry and birth Children, while men produce the seed that creates part of the equation in life, yet there is more to a man and a woman than their reproductive organs and genitals. This is my message, this is what I have been trying to promote and educate people on, that they are more than what they have in between their legs. Their personality, hearts, minds and actions are what is important, not the gender marker they carry around on their ID. I get everyone is at a different place in their transition and emotional development, I understand all that, but I would like to see a world where people are focused on their spiritual evolution, their health and their peace of mind and not have to base it on societal norms.


We are all made to feel incomplete, insufficient and incurable. We are all made to feel less than, and there is an industry that profits from your pain. If I can give anyone advice about transition it would be this: Find your balance, do things not to please others or to fit in, but to find inner peace. Now realize that inner peace is not achieved by what you do to your body, it is your spirit and mind that needs an alignment, not the genitals or societies need to tell us what a woman or a man looks like. When you start seeing yourself in a loving light and stop comparing yourself to others, then and only then will you find happiness and peace. If transitioning is what will bring you happiness then, by all means, do it, but realize that it may not be all you think it will be. Also, understand the limits of what you are trying to accomplish, as long as you can deal with the reality of the outcome, I believe you will be happy. Let the New Year bring all of you much peace of mind, and I hope that we can all learn to coexist and to respect each other’s views and beliefs.


Till Next Time




About Mark Angelo Cummings

Maritza/Mark is walking the path of healing, she/he is a broadcaster, musician, writer, and educator. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Master Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist, she/he has taken wellness one step further. Check out our website http://www.gypsybluenomads.com/ Follow our journey: The Travels of 2 Truth Seeker and Their Car. Check out our live Programing Tues & Thurs @ 6 PM MT on RealTalk With The Cummings https://www.youtube.com/c/GypsyBlueNomads


3 thoughts on “Incomplete: So You Say

  1. i appreciate your honesty and your perspective– there was a time i even shared it. i cant say i entirely agree with you, my feeling is somewhere along the lines of “youre both right.”

    i dont however, think its disrespectful to call what srs creates a “vagina.” i agree with you that it doesnt matter (to me, anyway) what genitals a trans woman has– nor is it (necessarily) what does or should determine gender. and i appreciate that the surgeries are dangerous and might not lead to happiness, which is why i admire you taking chances socially by continuing to speak your mind and share your position on the matter. i really do.

    but as to what is “disrespectful,” if someone is in an accident (or as a mastectomy as a life-saving procedure) and ends up with surgery, i dont think its disrespecful to call the result breasts. i had a girlfriend who had no navel– she lost it in a life-saving procedure at birth, and they tried to make her a new one– i dont think its disrespectful to call it a navel.

    nor is it disrespectful to call a prosthesis a hand or a leg, etc. it might not be exactly the same, but these names are not so sacred that we cant use them to call the part most like them (according to our medical abilities) after the part they are meant to be. a vagina isnt just a birth canal– for some it never will be a birth canal, even if they are afab, that doesnt make it “less” of a vagina. but we dont have to agree, thats just my reasoning and “rebuttal.” i still appreciate where youre coming from.

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    Posted by codeinfig | December 31, 2016, 3:39 am
    • I love friendly interaction, and love to see different points of view. I know it may not be disrespectful to some, yet I have listened to many who are taken back by the fact that who they are, in this case, a female, can be replicated by a surgeon or by synthetic hormones. Do I feel that a trans woman are not or will never be a woman, no, I don’t take gender that seriously? I think how people feel and believe they are is their own business and no one can tell them otherwise. However, my point is that there is no need to actually undergo such dangerous procedures just to justify or satisfy what society deems a female or male.

      I do know many feminists and not so feminist women that take offense to a surgically produce vagina being considered such, do I agree with that, well, what I agree with is that a hole is no vagina. A vagina consists of many intricate factors to include secreting glands, nerves, tissue differences and overall original plumbing, does it matter to me, no. I have never had sex with a surgically created vagina, so I can’t really compare, I have however been with many genetic females since the age of 13, and I am sure there is a major difference.

      I love to bring forth discussion, get people to think, and damn, if there was a procedures that really duplicated the original plumbing, I would be the first in line to get one. But since there is not, I have to be happy with what I got, and to tell you the truth, I would not risk my size, my feeling and my completeness for some hack surgical job.

      Thanks for your comment and support.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | December 31, 2016, 4:04 am
  2. “my point is that there is no need to actually undergo such dangerous procedures just to justify or satisfy what society deems a female or male.”

    i got (and agree with) that as your main point. the first time trans clicked with me, it was my male (afab– thought i didnt know that) friend who never got srs. as far as im concerned, hes no less of a guy than i am, and im amab.

    he will probably never get srs, and it doesnt matter to me at all. fwiw, srs is clearly so much trouble that many people seem relieved when they finally decide not to bother with it– you can help people realize that, and thats one reason (apart from the fact that youre simply a sentient being with rights, and naturally deserve a voice and pov as much as anyone else does) i appreciate what youre saying– even if it doesnt make you popular with advocates of srs

    i have no horse in that race myself. for me it is an important philosophical/ethical question. im sure there are people that dont want my pov either– however, unless we only let trans doctors perform such operations, there will have to be cis people asking themselves these questions.

    my attachment to my gender is very weak– i dont have a label for it, but my core identity as a human relies so little on my gender, if someone calls me “male” my feeling is “sure, whatever.” thats sure to piss of feminists, who want my identity to be based on constantly recognizing my male privilege. (when i can afford the kind of lifestyle a typical american feminist lives, perhaps i will buy a book on it.)

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    Posted by codeinfig | December 31, 2016, 4:32 am

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