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Day 7 And Counting


Today I woke up with such a peaceful and balanced feeling, a feeling I remember well when I lived on Raw Food plant-based diet and lifestyle. Most people today do not know what true health is and feel that their daily aches and pains and poor mental state are a normal part of their life and feel they just have to live with them. Well, you don’t. Your body is only reacting to what you are doing to it. In fact, our bodies are meant to be perfectly balanced and healthy, the fact is what you are feeding it is killing it.  But I won’t bore you with my sermons or what I think you should do, my New Years resolution is to not focus on the negative and to lead by example.

So how has this week of water fasting been thus far you may ask? Well, this time around, I have fasted on many occasions before, I have felt less hunger than usual, or should I say my stomach is not grumbling as much as it has in the past. One must learn that hunger pangs when you miss a meal or days without food is not true hunger. Hunger stems deep within your cell when your body is getting ready to feed of its self, which is called starvation and does not occur usually till after 20 days or more.  So it has been much more pleasant. My energy level has stayed pretty constant, I have incorporated Urine Therapy in my water fast which helps the healing, yet, keeping your body at an optimal level while water fasting. I have spoken in the past about Urine therapy and the benefits of it. Here is a link with more information Urine Therapy.  I have to say thus far this has been the best fast I have done so far. We were planning on stopping at 7 days but decided to keep going to get the ultimate healing, not placing a date on it, just taking it one day at a time.


My tooth has continued to be a burden during this fast, but the pain has decreased with all of the natural approached I have tried, from, oil pulling, placing a cotton ball with sea salt, baking soda and garlic, gargling with peroxide, adding tea tree and oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar, tea bags, you name I have done it. This bad boy is stubborn, but so am I. I have been doing sinus flushes with saline, I find this terrible smell of nicotine when I use to smoke, which means the body is cleaning house and getting rid of old debris that does not belong in me.  I have been running a low-grade fever which the body does when it’s fighting off an infection, the body knows what it is doing, we just need to step out of its way.

My mental clarity has been amazing, my spiritual and deep connection with Source is growing, I want to get to that next level and reach my optimal potential as a human and spirit being. As humans we forget our true purpose which in my opinion is to grow spiritually, everything else is just a distraction set up by the machine. Most people are being turned into consumers and their life revolves around the items they buy, instead of collecting experiences and making human connections while being of service to others.

2017 is being promised as a scary year for many, but you know it does not have to be that way at all, don’t let others dictate your fate or predict doom. Your life is yours for the making, create your path of health and love. Do what your hearts desire, be focused and live with intentions. Do the right thing not just for yourself but for the collective. We are all one and should start thinking as such. It begins with having a healthy body and mind, lead your life by example so others can see and get motivated.

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Lynna and I are looking forward to 2017 and have plans to return to an all natural Raw Vegan lifestyle, we want to start educating others on the benefits of fasting, eating Raw and striving for the best spiritual health possible. She is living proof that you can heal with natural means.

Till Next Time





About Mark Angelo Cummings

Maritza/Mark is walking the path of healing, she/he is a broadcaster, musician, writer, and educator. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Master Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist, she/he has taken wellness one step further. Check out our website http://www.gypsybluenomads.com/ Follow our journey: The Travels of 2 Truth Seeker and Their Car. Check out our live Programing Tues & Thurs @ 6 PM MT on RealTalk With The Cummings https://www.youtube.com/c/GypsyBlueNomads


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