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Ty Herndon Out Of Line

I have been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment all of my life, you would think things would have changed when I transitioned from female to male but sadly they have not. Every time I visit a Gay bar in the past when I was single and or now with my wife, there is always this feeling of being groped or an inappropriate sexual advance being made by gay men in the club or event. I know for a fact that many trans guys have been the victim of rape and have been manhandled when seeking intimacy or love from gay men, and our lack of male socialization leaves us dealing with lots of awkward moments, to say the least.

This Sunday Fort Lauderdale held their Pride Fest on Fort Lauderdale Beach with several DJs and performances by some pretty famous artists. We were excited to go watch Ty Herndon a newly out Christian Country Singer who has some impressive hits out and has won several Grammys. We got their early to get a good spot and waited patiently for the start of the show. The music was blaring, and Lynna started to get nauseous from it, and from all of the excessive sexual energy that was surrounding us. People were sexually explicit as they danced and engaged in primitive instinctual behavior while drinking and having a wild time. Now I am no saint and have had my share of this type of behavior in the past, however, I have never imposed myself on anyone or totally grabbed a complete stranger against their will.

As we waited an older man came up to me out of nowhere and placed his hand inside my shirt, and proceeded to grope me with the other hand, touching my hairy chest as he attempted to remove my shirt. At first, I was in shock and had to process what was taking place when I suddenly pulled his hand out of my shirt and continue to pull him away but to no avail, he would not take no for an answer. Finally, after 20 to 30 seconds of this weird struggle, he finally got the idea and went away. He appeared rather drunk and aloof.

Lynna and I were both in shock and could not believe what just took place, but fluffed it off and were still excited about the upcoming performance from Ty. Well, the show finally started, a bit later than the scheduled time, but Ty proceeded to perform and made his way to the front of the stage where we were standing.

I had not heard about him till a few days before Pride Fest when I googled his name and found a few of his YouTube videos, read about his story and was pretty impressed. He spoke about his Christianity and overall appeared to be a nice guy, so I definitely wanted to support him and show up for the show.

I felt he was trying to make a connection with the crowd since Country Music is not your typical genre in a Pride Fest, so I held my hand up to get a high five, in appreciation for him being there and showing him some love. Well, what happened next left me speechless and shocked. He grabbed my hand and what I thought was a gesture of pulling me up on stage, instead lead to my hand on his crotch, I tried pulling away but he had a good grip on it as he proceeded to move my hand all over his junk. I was appalled and frankly totally turned off. Here is this Country Artist who mind you has already gotten himself in trouble before for indecent exposure, just took the liberty to sexually assault me in front of a bunch of gay men and lesbian women. What would drive a person to do such a thing as if  I would want to touch his privates because he is a Country Star? Herndon was charged with indecent exposure and drug possession after he was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover male vice officer in 1995  Ty Indecent Exposure Charges.  Following the incident in Fort Worth, his sexuality became a topic of interest within the country music industry. Although his rep denied it following his arrest, the speculation came to an end on November 20, 2014, in an interview with People magazine, Herndon came out as a gay man, and stated that he had been in a relationship for a few years with Matt Collum.

To tell you the truth, the more I process what happened yesterday which has triggered a series of feelings inside of me, the angrier I get. Why do some gay men think they have the right to invade people’s personal space and take it upon themselves to grab and touch you without one’s permission? I am totally turned off and frankly saddened,  women have had to put up with this behavior for centuries. Men do not have the right to grope and take what they want. Sex is a very spiritual and personal, it should not just be a recreational thing and people’s bodies need to be respected. I was totally violated yesterday, and I will most likely never attend another Pride Fest or gay club again. I think Ty should be held accountable for his actions and to not take it for granted that a possible fan wants their hands on his junk.

We could not capture the initial hand grab, it happened quickly and we were in shock, but as if that was not enough, Ty returns to move his junk on my face. I could not help but laugh, I could not believe what just took place.

After sharing our story on FB, a guy by the name of David Wilkins proceeded to comment on Lynna’s post  We believe he might be part of his damage control gang, or why else would he have gone on Lynna’s page and said what he said.

He came in trying to make light of the situation and proceeded to block me when I responded to his attempt of shaming me for saying what I said.





Here is an up and personal view

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22 thoughts on “Ty Herndon Out Of Line

  1. Reblogged this on Lynna's Life.


    Posted by Lynna Cummings | February 27, 2017, 8:33 pm
  2. I have video of his entire performance. Ty did no sucb thing! You are a yellow journalist


    Posted by Jeff | February 28, 2017, 1:24 am
    • Jeff, first of all, I am not a journalist and if you do have the entire performance, please do share, because if you do have it, you will see it plain as day, Ty grabbed my hand and place it on his crotch. I double dare you to place the link on here, that is if you are telling the truth. In fact, I am sure you are one of his homies, or else why would you even write on my little ole blog.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 3:35 am
    • I don’t appreciate being called a liar, he was out of line, a filthy pig, passing himself as a Godly man.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 3:38 am
    • You know what Jeff? Someone here is lying and I can guarantee you that is not my husband nor me. I would love to see the performance! We have nothing to hide at all, we are shocked that it even happened. I was standing there right next to Mark and I saw what Ty did with my own two eyes. I could not believe what he did! Yellow journalism??? Really??? We would love to see the whole video, we are on the lookout for it. It happened only minutes into his first song, we were right in front of the lip of the stage. Where were you when you recorded it? Because if you dismiss us as liars, like I said before, someone is lying and it was not us. My husband has been a victim of male sexual abuse, how dare you accuse him as a liar.


      Posted by Lynna Cummings | February 28, 2017, 3:39 am
      • Considering numerous persons from FLL Pride have viewed numerous full videos of all of his performance and not one of us saw a single such instance. And it wouldve been impossible due to sound technical difficulties they had during Pride so sorry but its a lie and every video will prove it.he couldnt walk right up to the audience or his microphone wouldve cut out on him. This is all bogus.

        Liked by 1 person

        Posted by Jeff | February 28, 2017, 3:44 am
    • As I said, please do share the links, we have been looking to see if we found videos that would show the incident, he grabbed my hand when I went to give him a high five, and he pulled my hand to his crotch. I was right in the front of the stage, my wife took all those pictures of him and video, that you see here on my blog. You are lying and pissing me off, why in the world would I make something like this up? Like I said I am disgusted and we have reached out to several media outlets, I will not stop till this is known. He is a disgrace and as are you, for minimizing this and shaming me for speaking out.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 3:51 am
    • So jeff, just put up the full frontal clip https://youtu.be/LtLouZPj1pA that shows you are lying regarding him not coming to the front due to microphone issues. His crotch was all up my face, it was not enough that he grabbed my hand and place it on his privates, he had to come back for more and sex himself all over me.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 4:14 am
    • Jeff here is an Instagram video so you can get an idea where we were standing. I am the short trans guy with the black cap and black tank top, my wife, the taller one holding the iPhone that video and took pictures that we have on the blog. So your theory is very wrong, I am hoping to find the entire performance on video, or especially the first few minutes which is where he grabbed my hand and place it on his crotch. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ_XSQKgDLz/


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 4:25 am
    • Jeff Sasone why don’t you ask Ty himself, if he is a Christian as he says he is he should not lie. Ask him why did he do what he did. It’s not cool to automatically assume that every person that attends a pride fest wants to have a handful of junk when all I expected was a high five.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 5:03 am
  3. Jeff, can you please share the video of the performance because unless we dreamed about this, we were there yesterday and we were right at the front of the lip of the stage. Did you see the video that is already linked here? I took that video and it shows clearly that Ty was sticking his junk right up by the face of my husband. He did walk right up to the front of the lip of the center of the stage. Yo are right, his mic was cutting out, it was cutting out even before then. We are not liars and this is not bogus in the least. I SAW TY HOLD MARK’S HAND TO HIS CROTCH. I have no reason to lie, we were there. What in the world??? You are disgusting for accusing a victim of lying and creating a hoax. I have already tipped several media organizations and we will not let Ty get away with this.


    Posted by Lynna Cummings | February 28, 2017, 3:52 am
  4. So as a big Ty Herndon fan and someone who knows him personally…. I know for a fact that this is utter bullshit. You are willing to defame someone just for attention on your blog. I’ve watched multiple videos of this show that you are wrong and never do I see him grabbing your hand and rubbing it in his crotch. He is gay but he is devoted to an amazing man. You are looking for people to like your blog for scandalous and unfounded claims and you should be ashamed of yourself. As someone who is promoting the LGBT community, you should report the truth and not make things up to get fans. I’m ashamed that you are part of our community.


    Posted by Eric | February 28, 2017, 7:12 am
    • Listen Eric, I’m the victim here and will not be shamed. There were hundreds of people there who saw it, so to try to make something like this up would be crazy. So no you are wrong about me. Shame on you for sticking up for perversion.

      I challenge anyone one that took video of the full performance to put it up. I will be vindicated.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 1:15 pm
    • People will come forward, people that were there and saw it. This is the problem in today’s world, rape and sexual abuse are allowed. I have been sexually abused in the past by my bosses, family member and now Ty. That was a very invasive and personally disgusting move on his part. He should not take for granted that everyone wants to touch his junk.

      You may be a fan and know him personally, but you were not on the receiving end of his crude action. Ask him, if you know him personally, ask him. If he has a conscious and is a Godly man, he will tell the truth.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 1:24 pm
    • Exactly right Eric!


      Posted by Jeff | February 28, 2017, 1:31 pm
      • No Jeff, not exactly right. How stupid would a person be to make something like this up when there was a shit load of people there. I will find the full video and find people that were there to step forward. Enough of people standing up for bad behavior. I am the victim here and I will be vindicated.


        Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 1:35 pm
      • shame on you Jeff, Shame on you Eric, stop standing up for bad behavior.


        Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 1:37 pm
  5. It’s bad enough that Ty Herndon has banned us from making comments on his FB fan page but to see you people sticking up for a guy who basically sexually assaulted my husband on a live stage with hundreds if not thousands of people watching in plain sight. I am simply astonished that….well wait a minute, it is 2017 and we did get a guy into the White House who has been saying derogatory things all of his life? What’s to be surprised about, some gay men are the biggest men’s rights activists around. The thing is we are not liars and there were lots of people who were in attendance at this event. A video will show up eventually and we will be vindicated. In the mean time, it’s nothing new, it’s always just about men having their way and other men covering up for them and apparently some women who can’t seem to fault them for being well…men. You know how it goes, boys will be boys, right?


    Posted by Lynna Cummings | February 28, 2017, 4:58 pm
    • I guess the next step is to press charges, have the police investigate, and the truth will prevail.


      Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | February 28, 2017, 5:02 pm
      • I would respectfully suggest, purely as a personal opinion, that you should probably do that, fast. Before his lawyers find this page and sue for libel.

        Disclaimer. I am not a lawyer. It would be a good idea to talk to a lawyer at this point, before you do anything else. You may be getting yourself into trouble.

        I have absolutely zero idea who is right. I’ve not even heard of the man. I suspect that Christian conservatives will find this story soon – and probably make it look like he knew you were trans and thus “really a woman”, so as to present the “traitor” singer as a mere lecher. And if this breaks big, his lawyers are likely to be all over you. So I am worried you might be sleepwalking into a trap here, thus have to warn you.


        Posted by ramendik | March 3, 2017, 6:56 pm
      • @Ramendik I will go to court no problem, take a polygraph test, and have him take one. This happened, I am a victim. I am entitled to share my story and what happened. His PR team has been contacted and informed, we will not back down. We have nothing to fear, we are telling the truth.

        He was performing on stage, had no idea I am trans, he found me attractive that’s for sure the way he kept coming back for more. There is no trap, I am the victim here.

        Liked by 1 person

        Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | March 3, 2017, 8:11 pm
      • https://youtu.be/MM6x27yZPFI check out the video Ramendik


        Posted by Mark Angelo Cummings | March 4, 2017, 8:28 pm

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