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Cruising The Gluttonous Paradise

In my lifetime, I  have never seen so many overweight people under one roof, add rude and selfish to the list and you have today’s version of what the people of this world are turning into.  I have cruised many times in the past, but thinking about it now, I cruised when I was dead … Continue reading

Stuff…Who Needs To Be An Addict Anyway?

  I used to be a huge addict to things. I would spend my time and energy to mostly accumulate more and more stuff. I was never satisfied with what I had and always “needed” the next new thing. I had 20+ jackets, 20+ pairs of shoes, I justified my “business expenses” as necessary for … Continue reading

The Real Cruise Begins In May

The Real Cruise Begins In May In about six days, Mark and I are set to go on an epic cruise out to to the Mexican Yucatan.  We will be embarking on a wonderful and exciting 5-night Royal Caribbean cruise that will be leaving from our hometown here in Fort Lauderdale.  We have been counting … Continue reading

Changes A True Constant

  My motto has always been, do not fear and live with passion. I have been a daring soul since childhood, running away from home at the age of 10, marrying a man I barely knew while moving to England at the age of 24. The marriage was annulled and I explored England, Ireland and … Continue reading

The Great Adventure

We are about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys ever. South Florida has been a great home to us both for the past year and few months, there have been lots of ups and downs, and some incredibly great moments, but the time for change has arrived. We turned in our lease, … Continue reading

Bad Behavior Condoned

      Just wanted to give you all an update regarding the TY incident during Pride Fest last week. I reached out to several News Media outlets, contacted his PR people and guess what? I have not heard back from anyone, no surprise there. Not only have I been shamed for coming out and … Continue reading