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Return To Sender

Its been quite the journey I have been on, not just the last 90 days of my life, but the whole enchilada, 53 years worth. As I sit in the passenger side of this vehicle, watching the many lakes, mountains and forest roads, I can’t help but marvel of what I had the privilege to … Continue reading

Desisting For All The Right Reasons

Lots of changes have occurred since our Journey. Here is a video that fully explains it all.

True Conversion Therapy

Although we have taken a break from RealTalk our TV Show on Google Hangout, we still keep up with the development of those in the trans community and the transing of gender queer kids. It is my hopes and dreams that trans people finally realize that what they are doing is self-destructive and feeding the … Continue reading

Living A Dream

It still seems like an incredible dream to be able to travel this big blue planet of ours, learning and experiencing everything mother earth has to offer.  I equate this experience with visiting an all you can eat Buffet, where after awhile you cannot distinguish the different flavors of the great foods you have before … Continue reading

Disorders Of Our Time

  We are all living in a make-believe world, a world that feeds our illusions, disorders and overall neurosis. We are trained to believe that some of us are better than others due to our status, be it race, financial gains and oh yes religious beliefs.  Many of us are a byproduct of societies boxed in … Continue reading