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True Conversion Therapy


Although we have taken a break from RealTalk our TV Show on Google Hangout, we still keep up with the development of those in the trans community and the transing of gender queer kids. It is my hopes and dreams that trans people finally realize that what they are doing is self-destructive and feeding the patriotical system that pushes gender and refuses to accept different sexualities at all cost. Although many claim to be breaking the gender norms, the majority of trans folks fight to fit into a system that will never truly see them or accept their plight. Yes, there are a few of the politically correct bunch, who thrive on being seen as all accepting and loving, but little do they know that they are only adding fuel to a fire that needs to be put out before it creates more damage to the rest of the forest.

I continue to find articles that demonstrate that most people in the trans community are in fact diagnosed with ASD and another slew of mental issues which leads to the inability to socialize and be seen as the gender they are born as. “It’s been suggested that AS individuals’ social challenges lead them to a sense of not belonging with those typically cis male or female. (I should also add at this point that the very idea of being “typically male” or “typically female” is being challenged). Boys with motor skill challenges and a lack of interest in sports, who are less dominating and more rule-oriented may find that they don’t identify with what is typically thought of as masculine. Girls also face coping with the stereotypes of feminine behavior; the kind of logical cognitive processing typical of AS may be seen as unfeminine and “typical” interests might not be shared, although girls have more latitude in “acceptable” interests.  While many young women with AS traits can seem appropriately social (they can mimic social behavior they’ve observed), the complex social demands of “girl groups” can be nearly impossible for them to navigate”.   The author of this article Marcia Eckerd P.h.D has to follow the same PC attitude that most professional treating this phenomenon have if they want to keep their professional name and not be eight balled by the current trend.

The author of the article who I quoted, Marcia Eckerd P.h.D has to follow the same PC attitude that most professional treating this phenomenon have if they want to keep their professional name and not be eight balled by the current trend and its gate keepers, and are too afraid to speak the truth regarding their true diagnosis and thoughts. https://blogs.psychcentral.com/aspergers-nld/2017/07/being-aspergers-and-transgender/

Here is another interesting article that goes into some really compelling details regarding trans and mental issues to include schizophrenia: http://slatestarcodex.com/2017/06/28/why-are-transgender-people-immune-to-optical-illusions/


While many in the trans community fail to recognize the true etiology of their disorder and play the born in the wrong body card while animatedly refuse to see the real issues, the medical community is responsible for creating the stage and platform for what we are seeing today.  To many in this community have played a role in creating programs to fit their plight. There is a real true factor in all of this and that is that people who have difficulty accepting themselves as gay or different refuse to accept their born reality and are disassociating from who they truly are as well as finding a way to play the victim role while pulling along everyone around them into their set reality.

I find the same lines and verbiage used by those in this community, the name calling, the shaming people who do not agree with their set mind frame and views, as well as the violent outburst when confronted.  Let us take a close look at the behavior present by a grand majority in this community.  They are unable to handle any type of stress, they run away from situations that most healthy adults can engage in, they have an inability to socialized and interact in a healthy manner when disagreed with, they tend to act violent and try to discredit the person in question. Many of these individuals are computer geeks, creative in the arts and entertainment industry, finding it artful to create a different persona in place of their true quiet, kept to self, self.  Many have an inability to engage in eye contact, with a good majority having lazy eyes, anxiety, speech impediments, ADHD, anger issues and become frustrated easily,  and most important, most have Asperger traits which create the inability to socialize and be seen as the gender they are born as.

So my conclusion is that the eugenesis being created to medicalize and treat individuals with an enormous amount of different mental disorders that shows a clear sign of neurological impairment, having nothing to do with being born in the wrong body, definitely a form of conversion therapy, an ingenious way to remove, castrate, sterilize and numb with medication and surgical procedure a group of people who are none the wiser and obsessed with gender and self.

What I would like to see in the future is for gender specialists to stop the cookie cutter approach, to really do the work they are supposed to be doing by helping people with true therapy, not just the band-aid that treats the scab and not the true infection. I would like to see the system change from granting people letters to take dangerous hormones, and invasive surgeries that destroys their genitals which will destroy their life and endocrine system in the long run, as well as changing of documentation that leads to endangering others in the world, promoting confusion and creating a world where the elderly in the trans community will have to face massive discrimination when they are placed in nursing homes, hospitals or any place of care. This transing of people is helping no one, it is only granting a decade or two of pleasure for those that want to engage in their disassociate behavior, while leading a life that is not functional or in any way useful other than creating validation for those who were basically dealing with disassociation issues, feelings of being left out during a sibling rivalry, acting out during child hood based trauma that are unresolved or hiding their sexuality by correcting what they think is wrong.

Please express as you feel, live your life in your joy, but don’t for one second believe that you are transitioning to anything or anywhere, you are simply a byproduct of your upbringing, your neurons gone astray, and your inability to deal with your past, religious beliefs and interactions with others. I am in no way discounting your experience as a human being, I am simply placing all the cards on the table and letting you know that there is no cure for what ales you, it is up to you to learn to navigate life in a healthy manner without having to do unhealthy things that will destroy your life and health.

The individuals who may have some form of intersex condition which are not that many should not be used as an excuse or factor in the trans community to justify their behavior, it is a very different situation all together.  I leave you with some very important information regarding the etiology of the word gender dysphoria, which in my opinion is like a cough to a cold.  Stop placing your blame on your body and people in your life, and start healing the real issues. Stop demoralizing women and men by stating that you are the gender you were not born as, accept your true reality and you will live a much happier life, instead by continuing this pursue, you will continue to face depression, lack of satisfaction, diseases from the procedures and medication you are forced to take for the rest of your life.

The medicalized history of the term. Gender Dysphoria.

Dysphoria has never been a precise term. It literally means “hard to bear” and refers to suffering, depression, restlessness  and anxiety. Norman Fisk, the psychiatrist who coined the term “gender dysphoria”, used it to describe a wide range of psychological distress concerning sex and gender that often lead the sufferer to want to change their sex, from “true” transsexuals to people with psychosis. Fisk worked at the gender clinic at Stanford University as part of a team researching transsexualism and sex reassignment. He found that many different kinds of people were coming to him looking to change their sex, not just those who fit the current criteria for transsexualism. This included fetishistic transvestites, “masculine” lesbians and “effeminate” gay men, psychotic people and sociopaths, among others. He created the term “gender dysphoria syndrome” because transsexualism wasn’t broad enough to describe all people with “gender disorders” or who were distressed enough to want to change their body. It was never intended to refer only to what transsexuals experience, quite the opposite in fact. 
It’s important to note that by “gender” Fisk was also referring to biological sex as well behavior, social role and psychology. What most people today would categorize separately as sex and gender, Fisk grouped together under “gender”. What some trans and dysphoric people describe as sex dysphoria would have been included as a form of “gender dysphoria” by Fisk.
Fisk wrote that “gender dysphoria syndrome” could present itself in a wide variety of forms and arise for many different reasons. He thought that transsexualism was the most extreme form of gender dysphoria and probably had biological causes. He also believed that dysphoria could be rooted in psychosis, neurosis or sociopathy, that some gay people were gender dysphoric and that transvestism was also a form of gender dysphoria. He thought that some gender non-conforming gay people and some transvestites unconsciously took on the symptoms of transsexualism and sought out sex reassignment to become more socially acceptable and escape the stigma of being “perverted” or otherwise ”deviant”. Thus Fisk used “gender dysphoria syndrome” to describe all manner of “gender disorders”, regardless of if he thought they had biological, psychological or social origins. 
If you’re a gay person who ever felt enough distress about your sex or gender to the point where you wanted to change your body, guess what? “Gender dysphoria” was invented to talk about people like you. It’s part of the history of how gay people, especially gender non-conforming gay people, have been pathologized and medicalized. Fisk explicitly talks about how some homosexuals have gender dysphoria and goes on to say that some seek out a transsexual diagnosis and want to change their sex due to social pressures and stigma. Lesbians today talking about how we’re dysphoric or how we took on a trans identity and transitioned due to misogyny, lesbophobia and other social pressures aren’t straying too far from the original thinking behind the term. In fact, we’re more faithful to the original conception of “gender dysphoria” than people who insist that only trans people have dysphoria and that it’s entirely rooted in biology.
Whether we should be content with this term is another issue. Do we want to use a term invented by a (presumably) straight male doctor to talk about people with “gender disorders”? It was developed to better classify those deemed abnormal in terms of how they relate to their physical sex and sex role. It’s been used to mark some women as disordered, as psychologically and perhaps even biological distinct from “normal” women. It was never meant to empower us. It certainly wasn’t created to help us move towards greater social and political liberation. 
Fisk created the term partially to legitimize operating on patients who didn’t fit the criteria for transsexualism. This included some patients he saw as gay people and transvestites. The thinking was if these patients could adjust well to living as the other sex and were committed to doing so, why not operate on them? It was easier to make the patient happier by changing their body than to change society to accept the person as they were. Do I really want to use a term invented by a man who could’ve approved me for surgery even if he thought I was a self-hating lesbian caving into social pressure? 
I’m not telling anyone to stop using the term “dysphoria” to describe their experience. I still use it. It fills a void. We need some kind of language to talk about what “dysphoria” is presently used to describe. But it’s good to be aware of where that term comes from and the thinking behind it and it’s good to question whether we should work towards new language in the future. Uncovering our history makes us stronger and expands our perceptions. We need to understand how we came to this present situation where many women continue to be pathologized for not fitting the female sex role and end up pursuing transition for social reasons. The better we understand how we got here, the better equipped we’ll be to get beyond this mess and create a world where no woman is “dysphoric”.

Fisk, Norman M: Gender dysphoria syndrome: The conceptualization that liberalizes indications for total gender reorientation and implies a broadly based multi-dimensional rehabilitative regime. Western Journal of Medicine 120:386-391, May 1974
Source: crashchaoscats




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