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The Trans Mind

One of the things in life I have become really good at is to understand the trans narrative if anyone knows trans that would be me. I know there are individualities and circumstances that make every human being unique, however, the narrative is the same for us all. Although I do not identify as trans, … Continue reading

Where We Stand

So by now, those who have been following us might be a bit confused, I don’t blame you our search for truth has lead us to many places, both physically as well as emotionally. We are truth seekers, and when I say this, we are not kidding. We traveled the US, visited tons of National Parks, … Continue reading

The Road To Healing

Healing comes in different forms, some people take years while others may heal sooner. What is this business and nature of gender and all of its expressions? We as humans are multi faceted, some are more straight lace, and black and white than others.  Where does gender come from? Why do we invest so much in … Continue reading

Damn These Genders Issues

Childhood traumas are responsible for our adult behaviors and troubled roads. The road to healing is not as simple as most people think, gender issues are deep seeded and very hard to deal with never mind heal. Although I am aware as an Occupational Therapist who is very well versed in psychology, that the solution … Continue reading

Please Be Gentle

A recovering trans person is going through a lot of challenges that are imperative to their mental and physical health. Like a recovering addict, withdrawals are part of the equation. Desisting comes in stages and one must learn to be gentle with self. I want changes to happen yesterday, but I must be realistic to … Continue reading

Understanding Detransition

  Many people like to place everything into a neat little box, everything is seen as black and white and can’t understand the concept that change comes in stages. When we began the detransition process last year and kind of became discouraged with the whole process, as we attempted to change our documentation to our … Continue reading

Trans Men Having Babies?

The thought of a person stating they were born in the wrong body to turn around and use the functionality of that body, in my opinion is wrong and invalidates their claim. As a once trans identified person who now understands that what I did not only makes no sense to me, but I realized … Continue reading