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The Trans Mind


One of the things in life I have become really good at is to understand the trans narrative if anyone knows trans that would be me. I know there are individualities and circumstances that make every human being unique, however, the narrative is the same for us all. Although I do not identify as trans, and I did for years, thinking I had found a community whom I could relate to, but I then realized that, I could not identify with a community that is self-destructive and self-loathing. I have done some pretty stupid things in my life and I have caused harm to myself and others, and as a human being, I realized my limits. I can only grow and learn from my mistakes, and yes forgive myself and those around me.


The Trans mind only sees itself, it does not care who it has to run over, shut down, remove and even destroy to get what it wants. It will create the scenario of being the victim, they hurt like no one else hurts, and dare you to question their reality, the wrath of the beast will come before you. You will see a different person come alive, a hateful, none caring beast that will destroy whoever gets in their way. Like a child having a temper tantrum, whose screams, and body fits can be beyond uncomfortable and the parent must give in, after feeling shame and lack of control of this human who has learned to persuade and control the adult, this trans person has learned how to manipulate their world and those who love them.


I understand why the behavior is manifested, the lack of proper stimulation as the child is undergoing their neurological, psychological and emotional development or improper so to speak, the lifelong struggles begin and now we have an individual who cannot interact, live a normal life that allows them to navigate their environment free of problems and hangups. We are a byproduct of our environment and our upbringing. As adults, we are reliving our past, we become our parents and our earlier year experiences without really understanding why we behave the way we do. Everything is hidden in our subconscious, the operator of our mind, not allowing us to see our behavior and denying it along the way.


I know if the trans mind would open up and start to really understand itself, the inner self, not the outside facade it could help move them beyond the mirror and lower frequency needs. The obsession with the image takes overall set realities, and the person loses its true self, becoming the creation and totally burying the true self, the self that they have learned to hate and discard. How superficial do we have to be to think we are our bodies, that we are just a clump of cells, surgeries, hormones, and garments.  The entire focus revolves around creating what we think we should be and working on altering the mechanism that has been placed here for spirit work ignored, all for self-gratification. The trans mind is all about the self, gratifying itself at all cost, but the more we focus on the self, the lonelier and the more distant we become from others and our true being.

Addendum August 19th:

Another thought I had regarding the trans mind, how can you claim to be your authentic self, when you have to do so much to alter the self you were born as? How can it be natural when you are obsessing all the time about things that come naturally to the body you were given, placing it in danger without thinking twice, there is no self-love, there is only self-loathing? There is nothing authentic about this life, you place aside the people that really matter, you ignore the important things in life to pursue a fantasy that in the end never comes true.

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