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Self Diagnosed To Cover Up Fetishistic Behavior



The Trans narrative or should I say agenda has created quite the platform in our world today, creating all sorts of diagnostic unrealities to not feel ashamed. They have gathered innocent people such as children to push their agenda so they can go on dressing up while fishing for compliments that feed their egos.

The real disorder stems from lack of self-esteem, attention seeking, boredom, not liking self, childhood traumas and abuse, just to name a few, but yes there is a dysphoria of sorts, but nothing to do with gender, and all to do with not feeling capable of performing their gender to societies expectations. This leads to behaviors that lead to self-stroking, the creation of a character to ease the pain, such as one creates in childhood, our imaginary friends.  Life becomes consumed with bringing to life this new caricature that takes center stage, becomes the object of affection, arousal, and validation.

We are dealing with a cult that has learned how to get pity from people by demanding that their minds apparatus be accepted, validated and pathologized for their convenience.


We are creating a massive disaster to the human race by administering these pharmaceuticals that will enter our environment in droves creating more and more abnormalities not only in humans but also those that share this planet with us. We are allowing individuals with neurological, social and mental disorder of all kinds to lead their treatments and to persuade the minds of those that are listening. The  facts are that no one is born wrong, and that our minds will create all sorts of scenario to help us deal with our world and situations; that unless you are an intersex individual, there are no true objective findings for this phenomenon, just individuals who are not comfortable with their birth sex and want to change their bodies to match their thinking or feelings.





We will be covering many of these topics on our blog talk show, as well as our Google Hangout segment on You Tube, we welcome calls, guests, and questions.

Check out our other blog for show archives, and future show information. http://transitionradio.blogspot.com/

Our Blog Talk Show is live on BlogTalk Radio Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays at 9:30 PM Mountain time, our You Tube segment is live at 6 PM Mountain time. If you want to be a guest on either our Radio or TV segment you can reach us at transitionradioshow@gmail.com  or call during the live segments.


Tonight’s show we will be covering a very important topic regarding Suicide or transition are these the only options available? I honestly feel that if a person has some sort of mental issue and lack of coping skills, suicide will be their tool of choice, mostly in my opinion to get traction with what they want, not saying everyone, but a large majority. This has become a massive problem and being pushed on social media as a weapon and to get parents to transition their kids, or for adults to present their plead for their actions.  You can listen live, by clicking this link:



Let us open our eyes to this issue and see it for what it really is, a defense mechanism to deal with embarrassments with our behavior that have been deemed “abnormal” by many. The lack of acceptance, be it for religious reasons that say that boys and girls are meant to behave a certain way, and dictates who we are meant to love.  This all leads to behavior which brings to life a disassociative disorder that will create a character we bring to life. Once this character is born, like a parasite it takes over the host and destroys their life completely.



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