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The Fun Parts, I Get It



Every Time I see a trans person claiming their new found gender, furiously becoming upset at others when they get misgendered, clocked or not receiving the validation they so desire, all I can do is think to myself, what gives you the right to wave this flag?


Most trans women have zero characteristics that would let them proudly wave the female flag or trans men for that matter. Yes, they wear their wigs, makeup, nail polish, and heels, but when it comes to female characteristics they are batting a big fat zero because we all know that being a female is all about the attire and accessories or being a male is all about sprouting a beard and muscle, right? They claim that during childhood they longed to be a “girl” or a “boy”, their memory does not fail them, and oh how they hurt so much because they could not be who they dreamt of being. I am sorry, I am having a really hard time finding compassion at this moment, after reading conversations online with many from this community, how they express their desires, while spending their time fixated on a mirror, at a doctors office during the many procedures most women can’t even imagine going throughs since they are too busy raising kids, cleaning, cooking and yes holding a job, since their inept husbands can’t fully provide. Let us not forget about those poor single parent mothers who go without while they are barely making ends meat to place food on the table and a roof over their children’s heads because their father left them hanging dry for another woman or whatever middle age crisis drove them to leave their family and home. And the same goes for men who are too busy to ever set foot in a gym, sick and have issues of their own, but oh no Trans people have it worse off than anyone on this planet.


So yes, what makes trans people think they can just turn around one day and say I am this or that and play the role without fully encasing the full packaged deal.  I say get over yourselves, learn to deal with cards you were given. If you want to present more feminine if you were born male, have at it, or vice-versa, but stop this whining, constantly seeking attention and sympathy from everyone in this world, it is getting old and frankly tiring. Live already, and stop finding every excuse in the world for your lack of happiness and stop blaming others for your ineptness. Get a hobby, get out in nature, get away from that darn forsaken mirror and just freaking live.


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