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Another Detransitioning Story

Check out our last interview with Jordyn a young man who once identified as a trans woman, until hormones and the rest of the cocktail drug mix almost killed him. Jordyn identifies as an androgynous human and has quite the light and heart. I hope many gender fluid individuals watch this as well as parents … Continue reading

Men Don’t Have Babies

I am having a really hard time with this crazy change of language were an organization that controls midwives are changing their bylaws and language to reflect this new craze of gender swap. So now women who take testosterone, remove their breast and identify as men, they want to change the language from pregnant women … Continue reading

Late To The Party I Guess

Little boys who crave attention, feel left out, walk and talk differently from other boys, maybe too sensitive than most, with a dose of a neurological impairment from all of the chemical clusters we live within our world today, they grew up to be, well different. But different was not enough for them, they needed more, … Continue reading

Made By Nature?

The problem many of us face in this world is the lack of self-love and a super dose of low self-esteem. This is no surprise, nor is it a coincidence by any stretch of the word, it is all by design.  You see there are people responsible for creating a humanity that is “defected” and struggling … Continue reading

In A Nut Shell

  Transgender Ideology is a very faulty ideology.  In actual fact, there is nothing wrong with one’s gender, body, and most of all one’s sex. The person claiming gender dysphoria is just a neurologically impaired individual with lots of childhood traumas, low self-esteem, and in the case of an MTF, their male characteristic brain sex … Continue reading

My Heart Aches

It took me to become this thing that I have become, to realize the importance of the sacred feminine, the goddess within my kind. The importance of our role as women in this world, when we lost this, the world crumbled. It took me to venture into the masculine realm, to learn the importance of … Continue reading

Update On Desisting Off Hormones

Its been since July 3rd since my last T shot, and I am feeling great. I am gaining strength from my workouts, I contribute to my vegan lifestyle and the use of Urine Therapy. Emotionally I feel great, lots of stamina, I couldn’t feel better.  My hair growth is amazing this time around, and I attribute … Continue reading

The Sky Is Falling

  I don’t know about you, but things seem to me to be pretty bad as of late. Every time you put on the news there is some tragedy unfolding.  Is this all a prelude of Revelations End Times, or is this mankind doing it to themselves? Whichever it is, we better find a way … Continue reading

Update On Hair Growth

It has been 11 weeks since I stopped taking Testosterone the hormone that is not native to my female biology which caused a lot of harm and wreaked havoc on my once beautiful curly long hair. I am visualizing her return and doing things to make it happen. I have been doing Urine Therapy since … Continue reading

Who Am I To Speak?

  I know what many of you are thinking, those that read this blog and hear me get on my soap box daily, speaking against transition and hormones. I who lived and identified as a trans man for over 15 years. Well, let me tell you if anyone is qualified to speak on this subject … Continue reading