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Another Detransitioning Story

Check out our last interview with Jordyn a young man who once identified as a trans woman, until hormones and the rest of the cocktail drug mix almost killed him. Jordyn identifies as an androgynous human and has quite the light and heart. I hope many gender fluid individuals watch this as well as parents … Continue reading

Understanding Detransition

  Many people like to place everything into a neat little box, everything is seen as black and white and can’t understand the concept that change comes in stages. When we began the detransition process last year and kind of became discouraged with the whole process, as we attempted to change our documentation to our … Continue reading

Christianity What A Mistake I Made

  I have made some really stupid decisions in my life, I have said some really dumb things in the past, and as a human that I am, I have made some stupid mistakes. I believe one of my dumbest moments was claiming Christianity and following the dogma I have always hated. Sometimes love makes … Continue reading

Expression And Damnation

  I have been full on Christianity 101 for the past 2 months or so, I have managed to alienate my sister, who by the way is hurt but forgave me and still loves me, and what I have learned has helped me see things differently in life today. ┬áPaul and I are all about … Continue reading