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Depression What Is It Exactly?

We can’t watch television without being subjected to a slew of antidepressant medications, one of the many prescription drugs being advertised by big pharma today. Do you think it is a coincidence that most everyone you know is either depressed, anxious or suicidal, and by the way, suicidal seems to be one of the side … Continue reading

Wrong Body Or Wrong Mind?

  The typical Trans mentality and their famous line have always been “I was born in the wrong body”, which to that I have this to say, impossible. The brain and the body are connected, they are not separate nor do they act against each other. When we are born we are born with a … Continue reading

Made By Nature?

The problem many of us face in this world is the lack of self-love and a super dose of low self-esteem. This is no surprise, nor is it a coincidence by any stretch of the word, it is all by design.  You see there are people responsible for creating a humanity that is “defected” and struggling … Continue reading

Diabolical Deception

The transitioning of children seems to be going strong, those involved will stop at nothing till they get their way. One of the key players of this diabolical movement is Dr. Olson Kennedy who is “leading the way in health for trans youth”. It appears that now Gigi Gorgeous a once gay YouTube makeup sensation … Continue reading

Gender Dysphoria Is Mental

I am amazed at how money influences the perception of what is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy and finally how it has become mainstream when it was once considered a Jerry Springer sideshow. What a few years and a few dollars can do for a movement that was seen mostly in back street alleys, … Continue reading

Recovering Trans Addict

13 years of my life has passed by, I feel as if I have been living a different life from the life I was meant to live. I rebelled against all the rules society created, girls are meant to be pretty, wear dresses, be subservient, quiet and yes weak. Don’t do this, do that, act … Continue reading

Changing Gender??????

Okay, I am going to get real here, really real, as real as anyone who has been under the self impression that such a thing is possible or conceived. Yes I know people are doing it all of the time now, heck I thought I had too, till the years and life started showing me … Continue reading

What’s The Accomplishment Really?

Harry Benjamin was a German-born, American endocrinologist and sexologist, widely known for his clinical work with transsexualism.  Many of his colleagues and other professionals disagree with the path and treatment the doctor chose  to treat his patients who reported discomfort with the sex they were born as.  The protocol he created pretty much spelled out … Continue reading

How I Am Feeling

Many people ask these days how I have been feeling since my detransition? Well to tell you the truth, I have not really thought too much about it, I mean, I know I am fine in so many ways, but I have not really dig deep, really deep, to find out what is going on … Continue reading

Let The Sunshine In

For many people detransitioning seems to be harder than the original route of transitioning and I expected a lot more complications and mental distress than I have been going through. In fact, it has been smooth sailing on my part, the initial awkwardness with Lynna lasted a few days and we have since been great. … Continue reading