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Why I Battle The Trans Community?

I have been around trans women, and trans men since 2004, many live interactions, as well as online communication. I have dated, had close friends  who are trans and I have even gone across the continent to meet one. As much as many in this community feel that their situation is different and that I … Continue reading

Tough Love

Let us get to the root of this conversation and explanation of why my heart is on fire for God. I have never been an atheist per say but was pretty turned off by religion and much of what I felt back then as bigotry and hate.  Many people look at me now and see … Continue reading

Don’t Justify A Lie

Many people in the LGBT community find ways to justify their behavior to deal with what they know is not natural and against the world of God. Now I am not your judge, nor is it my job to get you to see the error of your ways, but it is my job to educate … Continue reading

True Happiness Is To Be Whole

I remember thinking, when I underwent certain procedures to affirm, at the time what I thought was my “true” identity, (I had a bilateral mastectomy and full hysterectomy at the Cleveland Clinic in South Florida) how happy I was, as they removed the bandages from my chest, and I saw for the very first time, … Continue reading

Gender Dysphoria Is Mental

I am amazed at how money influences the perception of what is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy and finally how it has become mainstream when it was once considered a Jerry Springer sideshow. What a few years and a few dollars can do for a movement that was seen mostly in back street alleys, … Continue reading

Attacks And Haters

If there is one thing I know for sure, when the natives get restless, that means, that we are doing something right.  When it comes to giving God all the credit and praise, and sharing our miraculous story, we will never shut up, you can count on that, we have been through so much as … Continue reading

What Was I Thinking?

As days go by, I am still feeling like I am dreaming, never have I known such bliss, happiness and completeness, pinch me, am I dreaming? I always thought happiness was for other people, not me. I thought that I was doomed with failed relationships, career plans and the need to  always chase a dream, … Continue reading

The Road Back

I have been wanting to detransition or should I say just be myself since last year, but the circumstances with Paul and I were not in alignment at the time, so I decided to wait till he was ready to take this journey back with me.  This time around it feels amazing, we are both … Continue reading

Upside Down

  One can say that I have had a massive religious experience that transpired over the weekend. I have always been a spiritual person, never atheist but I did have doubts that the God most Christians speak about, well was really just a product of promotion. However God has shown me otherwise, I have be … Continue reading

You Can’t Change What Is Innate

Hello everyone, for those of you who have been following my story, or should I say our story, the story of an amazing man and loving woman who have faced much diversity, confusion, pain and in need of healing, I bring you now great news. This news may cause confusion with many, anger with some, … Continue reading