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True Conversion Therapy

Although we have taken a break from RealTalk our TV Show on Google Hangout, we still keep up with the development of those in the trans community and the transing of gender queer kids. It is my hopes and dreams that trans people finally realize that what they are doing is self-destructive and feeding the … Continue reading

Holistic Healing Pays Off

I wanted to share with my readers a bit of wisdom that I have gathered through the out the years, this after lots of falls and failures which I encountered along the way.  I have battled eating disorders, addictions, it’s been an overall fight while being ridiculed due to my weight, which began as a child … Continue reading

Breaking It Down

I have an eminent desire to understand gender dysphoria and why people go to the extreme they do, in order to alter their bodies and live out a need they have, and express it as life or death.   I have known a lot of people with disabilities working as an Occupational Therapist, people who … Continue reading

True Happiness Is To Be Whole

I remember thinking, when I underwent certain procedures to affirm, at the time what I thought was my “true” identity, (I had a bilateral mastectomy and full hysterectomy at the Cleveland Clinic in South Florida) how happy I was, as they removed the bandages from my chest, and I saw for the very first time, … Continue reading

What Was I Thinking?

As days go by, I am still feeling like I am dreaming, never have I known such bliss, happiness and completeness, pinch me, am I dreaming? I always thought happiness was for other people, not me. I thought that I was doomed with failed relationships, career plans and the need to  always chase a dream, … Continue reading

Changing Gender??????

Okay, I am going to get real here, really real, as real as anyone who has been under the self impression that such a thing is possible or conceived. Yes I know people are doing it all of the time now, heck I thought I had too, till the years and life started showing me … Continue reading

Help, Really?

  I often wonder if the hype we are seeing now regarding gender dysphoria could have been handle differently with a different outcome. Children are very vulnerable to their environment and reactions from those around them. In fact there are certain stages we go through in life during our exploration stages and if we are … Continue reading

What’s The Accomplishment Really?

Harry Benjamin was a German-born, American endocrinologist and sexologist, widely known for his clinical work with transsexualism.  Many of his colleagues and other professionals disagree with the path and treatment the doctor chose  to treat his patients who reported discomfort with the sex they were born as.  The protocol he created pretty much spelled out … Continue reading

The After Math

The transgender community has gained such momentum and loads of cheerleaders in the past year after the reveal of Caitlyn Jenner and the I am Jazz reality show series. The hoopla has created false perception and rallied up every gender switching hopefuls who now think this is the answer to all of their problems. The … Continue reading

Discover The Inner You

Hey there, long time no see, hear or write. Hope all of you are doing well. Ah yes, life has been great, challenging and filled with major lessons as usual. How about you? Is the political production driving you insane, I know I try to stay away from that theatrical event, since it usually leads … Continue reading