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Synthetic Hormones Kill

Okay, I have been sounding off the alarm for quite a while now that medical transitioning is dangerous. There are many of the people I know who are falling ill due to hormone use and surgeries. It breaks my heart every time I hear someone who was close to me, either still suffering from depression … Continue reading


  Please remove the blinders, stop finding excuses for your actions and make it everyone else’s problem, the world is not the one with the issue, the trans community is.  I will not stay silent, I will speak as I feel, too many people are falling prey to this agenda, and the time for people … Continue reading

Late To The Party I Guess

Little boys who crave attention, feel left out, walk and talk differently from other boys, maybe too sensitive than most, with a dose of a neurological impairment from all of the chemical clusters we live within our world today, they grew up to be, well different. But different was not enough for them, they needed more, … Continue reading

What A Claim

So I am going to break down this whole trans narrative for everyone to really understand, even for the trans community, and yes I know what you will all say, you can’t speak for us all.  Well, I may not rhetorically speak for everyone, but I can express my views, and my observation from the … Continue reading

Diabolical Deception

The transitioning of children seems to be going strong, those involved will stop at nothing till they get their way. One of the key players of this diabolical movement is Dr. Olson Kennedy who is “leading the way in health for trans youth”. It appears that now Gigi Gorgeous a once gay YouTube makeup sensation … Continue reading

Update On Desisting Off Hormones

Its been since July 3rd since my last T shot, and I am feeling great. I am gaining strength from my workouts, I contribute to my vegan lifestyle and the use of Urine Therapy. Emotionally I feel great, lots of stamina, I couldn’t feel better.  My hair growth is amazing this time around, and I attribute … Continue reading

Discrediting Is Their Game

Why is it that every doctor that comes out speaking against the trans agenda gets villanized and told they are wrong?  And why is it that every person that desists or finds out the true reality that says transitioning never really solved the problems they faced and yet were promised to be “cured” of their … Continue reading

Update On Hair Growth

It has been 11 weeks since I stopped taking Testosterone the hormone that is not native to my female biology which caused a lot of harm and wreaked havoc on my once beautiful curly long hair. I am visualizing her return and doing things to make it happen. I have been doing Urine Therapy since … Continue reading

Who Am I To Speak?

  I know what many of you are thinking, those that read this blog and hear me get on my soap box daily, speaking against transition and hormones. I who lived and identified as a trans man for over 15 years. Well, let me tell you if anyone is qualified to speak on this subject … Continue reading

The Fun Parts, I Get It

  Every Time I see a trans person claiming their new found gender, furiously becoming upset at others when they get misgendered, clocked or not receiving the validation they so desire, all I can do is think to myself, what gives you the right to wave this flag?   Most trans women have zero characteristics … Continue reading