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Hypocrites Of The Cross

I wanted to dedicate this blog to express how I feel about Christianity and religion in general. After having had a head on collision and a 101 interaction with those that claim Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to see first hand how they treat those that don’t quite make the cut, I clearly … Continue reading

The Road To Health

The New Year has arrived, many people make New Year’s resolutions they will never keep, gyms will get bombarded and those hopefuls will attempt to lose the additional pounds they put on last year and the year before last and so on.  With every failed attempt, they get bigger, fatter and sicker. It reminds me … Continue reading

Fast Update

We are now on day 4 of our water fast, as part of our New Years Resolution which is to be healthier than ever, we are embarking on a 21-30 day fast or until our bodies tell us it is time to stop. Many people fear hunger pains which in fact are not, especially when … Continue reading

New Year: New You

It is believed that our bodies change every 7 years, our cells renew themselves, well in a typically healthy human who takes care of their body, mind, and spirit in most cases, that is.  Every year should be another year to improve oneself and evolve while learning from our mistakes and challenges.  We should thrive to … Continue reading

Aging, Nooooooo!!!!!!

One of the inevitable events that we humans face and fear is aging. We try to do everything possible, from cosmetic surgery, to engaging in activities that remind us and keep us young. The heart beats billions of times during the course of our lifetime, our brain cells are consumed and destroyed with every passing year, … Continue reading

Striving On Water Preparing My Body For Raw Veganism

Well hello there my friends, today is day 3 of our water fast. Last night was rough, we overly exerted ourselves at the beach, lots of sun, and walking. So after my shower last night, I could barely move. I also felt constipated which gave me a pain on my right side and felt congested … Continue reading


We all lead lives in different ways and value different things at different stages in our lives. We tend to disagree, even battle with one another regarding our differences instead of celebrating the fact that no two people think or are alike. I wanted to emphasize the need for individuality in a world that has … Continue reading


Everything we ever experience in life stems from the need to grow. We are unaware at the time when the roof seems to be falling on our head, that the situation which seems horrifying is actually a blessing send from above.  Our pain is our biggest teacher and the times of laughter a time to … Continue reading

Nutrition: How Important Is It?

Health is Wealth Continue reading