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Tell Us How You Really Feel

Well, the biggest education on trans issues I would say comes from observing trans behavior online, places like FaceBook, YouTube and so on. I placed a comment on my facebook page which showed a young man in college who was using the dating site Tinder who had wish upon a woman to get raped when … Continue reading


  Please remove the blinders, stop finding excuses for your actions and make it everyone else’s problem, the world is not the one with the issue, the trans community is.  I will not stay silent, I will speak as I feel, too many people are falling prey to this agenda, and the time for people … Continue reading

Self Diagnosed To Cover Up Fetishistic Behavior

  The Trans narrative or should I say agenda has created quite the platform in our world today, creating all sorts of diagnostic unrealities to not feel ashamed. They have gathered innocent people such as children to push their agenda so they can go on dressing up while fishing for compliments that feed their egos. … Continue reading

Bad Behavior Condoned

      Just wanted to give you all an update regarding the TY incident during Pride Fest last week. I reached out to several News Media outlets, contacted his PR people and guess what? I have not heard back from anyone, no surprise there. Not only have I been shamed for coming out and … Continue reading

Ty Herndon Out Of Line

I have been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment all of my life, you would think things would have changed when I transitioned from female to male but sadly they have not. Every time I visit a Gay bar in the past when I was single and or now with my wife, there is … Continue reading