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A Detransitioning Woman

I have been in this de-transitioning process since last year to be exact, many people have chastised me and said: “you will be back”, attempting to shame me, by making me seem confused and as if I was wrong, and in the wrong for waking up from the lie I lived for 13 years. Well, … Continue reading

Gender Dysphoria Is Mental

I am amazed at how money influences the perception of what is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy and finally how it has become mainstream when it was once considered a Jerry Springer sideshow. What a few years and a few dollars can do for a movement that was seen mostly in back street alleys, … Continue reading

Recovering Trans Addict

13 years of my life has passed by, I feel as if I have been living a different life from the life I was meant to live. I rebelled against all the rules society created, girls are meant to be pretty, wear dresses, be subservient, quiet and yes weak. Don’t do this, do that, act … Continue reading

Who Are We Kidding?

  Video after video, transition after transition, these extremely sad individuals who will stop at nothing to accomplish the fairy tale in their minds, are not for one minute stopping to see what it is that they are actually doing. ¬†Who in their right mind, will destroy their genitals in the attempts to have another … Continue reading

Gone To Soon

As of late, there have been many Trans men either falling sick or dying. I don’t want to say that I know the exact cause, but I can imagine that there are several factors involved. We are taking our lives into our own hands by undergoing procedures, taking hormones and basically doing things to our … Continue reading