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Synthetic Hormones Kill

Okay, I have been sounding off the alarm for quite a while now that medical transitioning is dangerous. There are many of the people I know who are falling ill due to hormone use and surgeries. It breaks my heart every time I hear someone who was close to me, either still suffering from depression … Continue reading

Men Don’t Have Babies

I am having a really hard time with this crazy change of language were an organization that controls midwives are changing their bylaws and language to reflect this new craze of gender swap. So now women who take testosterone, remove their breast and identify as men, they want to change the language from pregnant women … Continue reading

Tell Us How You Really Feel

Well, the biggest education on trans issues I would say comes from observing trans behavior online, places like FaceBook, YouTube and so on. I placed a comment on my facebook page which showed a young man in college who was using the dating site Tinder who had wish upon a woman to get raped when … Continue reading

Beauty The Crux In Transsexuality

Why is it that most trans women base their identity and feelings of womanhood on their looks? Everything is based on validation, procedures and getting their needs met. When we look at what womanhood actually represents, only the ones with low self-esteem and wanting to get validation from a man, follow these guidelines of beauty … Continue reading

Forced Sexuality And Trans Acceptance

Okay, I believe that it is important to allow society to express their views on certain topics and they should have the right to accept or decline certain views, lifestyles, and identities. Although no one should be cruel, hateful, or harmful to anyone, the more a group pushes and forces others to accept them, the … Continue reading

Lies About Transition

Don’t believe the lies you are told regarding the trans narrative, no one is born wrong, people just encounter situations while their brains are being developed and get stuck in certain level of development, a traumatized mind will develop abnormal behavior that can lead to personality and bipolar disorders, and an alter ego is developed hence … Continue reading

Wrong Body Or Wrong Mind?

  The typical Trans mentality and their famous line have always been “I was born in the wrong body”, which to that I have this to say, impossible. The brain and the body are connected, they are not separate nor do they act against each other. When we are born we are born with a … Continue reading


  Please remove the blinders, stop finding excuses for your actions and make it everyone else’s problem, the world is not the one with the issue, the trans community is.  I will not stay silent, I will speak as I feel, too many people are falling prey to this agenda, and the time for people … Continue reading

Late To The Party I Guess

Little boys who crave attention, feel left out, walk and talk differently from other boys, maybe too sensitive than most, with a dose of a neurological impairment from all of the chemical clusters we live within our world today, they grew up to be, well different. But different was not enough for them, they needed more, … Continue reading

What A Claim

So I am going to break down this whole trans narrative for everyone to really understand, even for the trans community, and yes I know what you will all say, you can’t speak for us all.  Well, I may not rhetorically speak for everyone, but I can express my views, and my observation from the … Continue reading